Showcasing Bunrningroseartistry

mixed medium

"Bonnet sisters"


I was experimenting with different materials and cut up a short that was ripped already and created all three of these beautiful art work.

"Night shift"


Sometimes I don't know what to call my paintings like this one. I just create the art that comes from different inspirations I have presented in front of me.

"Sister Girls"


When creating my outstanding art work I often just glue material to the canvas and then figure out what I am going to make out of it. This is one of my mixed medium art work where I glued the fabric to the board and then  my creation engender. 

More Mixed Medium

Sold "Bonnet twins"


Back in 2016 I participated in the Black Eye Pea Festival in West Oakland Mosswood Park I sold this to a young lady who came to my table.

"Bonnet Family"


This is another mixed Medium painting I  developed that I really don't know what to call it.

Sold "Black Strength"


One of my professors at college of marin wanted a painting done and told me what he wanteda and I created this beautiful art piece for him. 

Mixed art work


"Diva Sister"

I created this art work with some extra fabric a client gave me for a different project.


Side-by-Side view of a self portrait

Sometimes it's best to see the picture that I am painting in hand in order to get the expressions right on the painting that I am working on. 

Side-by-Side self portrait painting

Side-by-side self portrait of myself

I entered the art contents that required me to paint a picture of myself when I'm not painting.  I did not win in this contest. 

Nude paintings

Nudge painting of myself

Nude oil painting

I wanted to paint a nude photograph of myself and so I did. 

A model in my painting class I painted from.

Nude model I looked at in my painting class

This was the 1st time I ever painted a nude person this assignment showed me that I can take my art anywhere and paint anything that is in front me.

In upper view of myself I painted of me.

Nude upper view of myself

After creating the 1st nude painting of myself I want to paint another picture of my upper portion of my body. I painted this picture from a picture. 

Nude model


This is one of the first nude painting I painted for a class art project. I painted this in one sitting in a 4 to 6 hour painting class. I like this painting because of the one eye the model had out and everyone in the art class painted the one eye.

"La Chaux"


One of my nieces loves to dance and so I decided to paint her last name and some ballet shoes; something she can look back on and appreciate different style of art.

"Dead Homie"


I lost a friend to gun violence and around the time he died I was chilling in Oakland with my friends and some of them was drinking and pored out some liquor onto the ground and I noticed that the drink was socked up by the pavement and so I got the idea to paint this painting. This is my interpretation of someone drinking liquor from the grave.


"Day of the dead" sold

I did this painting for a friend of mine for a wedding present. She wanted Day  the dead picture on her wall so this image is what I created


My friend and I


My first painting I painted of a skull

This is the very first painting I did of a skull.