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Sickle Cell Art

Wall of Life


Creating art through pain is beautiful nothing can explain better then art.

Self portrait of myself in a Pain Crisis


This painting won 1st place in my first art show subject was,"what does Sickle cell mean to me."

Oil painting "Branches of Life #1"


This painting won 3rd place at my first art show in Oakland California.



E-40 Oil Painting

I was inspired to create a painting of E-40 to represent myself and my community. E-40 message that he shares through his music is phenomenal and I feel that his music really speaks on things that are happening everyday in the life of people who live in the Bay Area. E-40 is real and I can relate to almost all the music he puts out.


The picture I looked at in order to paint the E-40 painting.

All of my Portrait paintings I look at a picture in order to create the image I'm  producing. By having a picture to look at I can concoct beautiful art work with expression.


J. Stalin Oil Painting

After creating the E-40 painting I became motivated to paint other music artist who Live in the Grater Bay Area. Coming from Oakland and being connected  to the community by the people I know and the family I have I persuade painting music artist my family knows and preforms with.  


Steph Curry Oil Painting

Being from the Bay Area and Loving Sports I felt compelled and inspired to paint an Oil Painting of Steph Curry from the Golden State Warriors.


Bob Marley Oil Painting

I Love Bob Marley music and message that he portrayed in his lyrics; I felt impelled to create this beautiful creation just as Bob created his art doing music. .


My First Self Portrait Painting I did of myself

I was taking an Oil Painting class at College of Marin to better my art skills and one of the assignment was to create a Self Portrait of myself. I worked off a picture I had of myself.


2nd Oil Painting I did of myself

After I created the first Oil Painting of myself I wanted to paint another one; I was still learning to better my craft and on the shade and shadow.  was difficult but non the less I liked how it turned out and kept it just as it was.


Self Portrait of one of my nieces

I gave my niece Roubxy a bracelet and she was so happy that I caught her smiling after I gave her the present. The photo I took of her smiling I painted; here is the beautiful Oil Painting I did of her..

I wanted to paint Gandhi and so I found a black-and-white picture of him and I painted a portrait.

Gandhi self portrait painting a black-and-white painting

About Us

One of my 1st Maryin Luther King painting I did of him.

Martin Luther King self portrait painting

I love the message that Martin Luther king portrays peace and nonviolence I wanted to paint Him for his birthday.

Martin Luther King painting with a quote.

Martin Luther King self portrait painting with a quote

I was influenced to paint Martin to king with a pro and honor of his birthday a few years back. 

A painting I just wanted to paint

A football player who plays on the Panthers team

I love to Draw & Paint hands and in this picture I had a clear shot of a hand, so I decided to paint it

Self Portrait with picture


Self portrait of my uncle

I painted this painting for my auntie who lost her husband in order to bring comfort to one who lost a love one. Portraits can help ease the pain of a love one who has been lost.


The Picture I used to paint my uncle

When looking at an image on a picture I can really get the expression on the person that I am painting.


I Love Painting with colors

Painting with color gives life to my art work its nothing like painting Little Uzi Vert with all the different colors that he has in his hair. This painting here I also used a photograph to paint the image I was painting.

Special art work created

"Got tree?"


I am all about expressing my art through  what I see and weed helps me with my pain control sometimes. Painting this image came into my mind when I wanted to express my love for cartoons and marijuana. 

"Raining bud"


Have you ever thought what if weed fell from the sky? Sometimes when I am medicated I think of some interesting art pieces of art work to create and this art work right here is a perfect example of a thought I had when I was medicated.



I love to paint hands the detail in each hand is different from the one before. To create an art piece that means unity is difficult but I was able to create this art work with different color hands that is in the African community. We are all beautiful weather we are dark skinned to light skinned we are all beautiful in gods eyes.

"Watermelon Girls"


A client wanted me to paint some Black sister girls eating watermelon like back in the day, but when I was done she didn't want this beautiful art work I created for her, so this art work is still for sale.



At college of Marin in the Umoja Area  the staff members wanted some art work to put on the wall of the space where students will go study and do their work. This piece I created based on what Umoja means to me.

"I am"


This art work I created was also created for the Umoja Area at College of Marin. I wanted to create something up lifting for women students to look at and identify with.